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MAE Boutique is a Christian based business that was created to present luxury and affordability to the modern woman and traditional woman alike. My desire as the CEO was to ensure that each client is given the “red carpet treatment” from the beginning of the purchase to the moment that each product is worn.
My name is Le-Anah Smith-Lumpkin! As the owner, I began this company with women in mind. With inspiration from my mother, sister and other close women in my life, I watched and took close notes of their thoughts and wishes in the arena of women’s fashion.
Each piece presented has been carefully and personally chosen by me to grace and highlight the lives of women all over the world. Who else will know the complex fashion desires of a woman but another woman? So, set your mind at ease and let MAE Boutique be your go-to! I can not wait to see all of my future #MaeBaes!